March 2024 Free Book Promotion

Three of my novels are part of a free book promotion. From 12:00 am (midnight) Wednesday, March 20, 2024 – Sunday, March 24, 2024 at 11:59 pm, these three books are available for free on Amazon.

The Mansion of Happiness

1. Whoever comes to THE WATER, No. 6, must pay for being ferried over, and go to No. 10. 2. Whoever arrives at THE INN, No. 9, must pay one for taking refreshment, and go to No. 12.

Pre-decimal British Money

“Mr. Cole!” bellowed Colonel Fitzwilliam. The farmer had already passed into the public house, but Mr. Cole dutifully came back outside. “Yes,” he nodded, though he did not look pleased. The Colonel was fishing through his waistcoat pockets. “Mr. Cole…I will pay you,” he looked down at the assortment of coins in his hands. “I will pay you a crown...

The Frost Fair of 1814

I am spurred to write for the oddest of reasons. Having read a description of the Thames freezing over, and London experiencing the greatest frost of the century, I knew I wanted to include it as a setting in a novel. The Frost Fair of 1814 figures prominently at the end of At Last. Particular conditions need to be met...