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Versus. Darcy vs. Elizabeth: First to Admit to Love, Loses

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The First to Admit to Love, Loses

September 19, 1812. The Meryton Assembly Rooms.

Elizabeth Bennet hides in a secluded corner. However, the glint of light on a signet ring makes her stare at a lone figure in a darker corner. Those elegant, expressive hands cast a spell on her, and Elizabeth’s heart does funny little flips. Only when a childhood friend interrupts does she tear her eyes away.
Fitzwilliam Darcy is suspicious about this group, wondering what they want from him. He drifts to a corner to watch. When the shadows move, he passes over the woman in the opposite corner as left behind. But when an ugly man saunters over to sit next to her, he refocuses his attention. Then, her face turns, and her beauty hits Darcy, full blast. Its freshness disarms him.
These two smitten love birds set out to discover more about each other. However, their pride and love of winning mean they both play to win at The Game of Love. Because the first to admit to love, loses.
Darcy vows to mold Elizabeth into a worthy match, assuming she will fall hopelessly at his feet. However, she teases him whenever they meet and never relents. Then, in an unguarded moment, Elizabeth suggests they wager on the outcome of a game.
“What if the winner can command the loser to do anything?”
However, the winner never has time to claim their winnings. For weeks, these two smitten fools resist the urge to show their affection with the unclaimed wager hovering between them as they play card games, board games, games of intrigue, and sports.
But that unclaimed wager remains a powerful motivator in The Game of Love.

© 2022 Anne Morris