Two silhouettes of a man and woman holding fencing swords face off. Text: VERSUS, Darcy vs. Elizabeth. First to Admit to Love, Loses
Versus: Darcy vs. Elizabeth, First to Admit to Love, Loses
Published Copyright © 2022 Anne Morris
A shadowy female figure in a knee-length coat is highlighted on a rambling cobblestone street. She has stopped in a covered alley as she peers down at the ground.
No Tomorrow: a WWII Pride & Prejudice Novel
Published Copyright © 2021 Anne Morris
Myopic and distorted view, as if looking up from city streets up into pale blue sky to view numbers 2067. A pale green shoot stretches across the page with two leaves unfloding.
2067: a Dystopian Pride & Prejudice
Published 2020 Copyright © Anne Morris
A female figure dressed in a long flowing gown, her back turned to the viewer, holds a parasol over her head as she stands in a field. A house is visible in the distance while a flower-covered tree is in the fore-ground. In the sky is a reddish mist.
Scarlet Fever, Scarlet Coats
Published 2019 Copyright © Anne Morris
Two see-through figure appear against tracks that vanish into the horizon. The man is looking forward but the woman stare at him. Part of a clock face is partially visible while a flash of lightning also mars the scene. Below the two figures is a massive house.
All’s Fair in Love and War and Death
Published 2019 © Anne Morris
A coffee cup in black with steam coming off it is set off with coffee beans tumbling around it and the book title. One coffee bean is a pair of red lips.
Rules for Hookups
Published 2019 © Anne Morris
The Nunnery
Published 2018 © Anne Morris
At Last
Published 2018 © Anne Morris