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Elizabeth’s insides felt hot, though she maintained as icy an exterior as she could.

‘What if the winner can command the loser to do anything?’ Whatever made her propose such a thing to a gentleman? A stranger!

To win this card game burned inside, but she acknowledged embarrassment at having proposed such an intimate, absurd, scandalous outcome. Darcy was a stranger; she had first spied him sneaking around the Meryton assembly rooms only a week ago. For the first time in her life, Elizabeth considered deliberately losing as she couldn’t think what she would do if she claimed her prize. Jane would be mortified if she found out (conversely, her mother might see her in a more positive light).

Versus: Darcy vs. Elizabeth

First One to Admit to Love, Loses. These two smitten love birds battle it out in the Game of Love.


Scarlet Fever, Scarlet Coats

It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that a family member near death’s door cannot but have an effect on, and change, the members of that family.


All’s Fair in Love and War and Death

Elizabeth Bennet discovers she has certain abilities relating to the soul of a person after death. This comes into play when she meets and falls in love with Mr. Darcy and is called to take a miraculous journey to the afterlife.

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The Nunnery

When gentlemen invade Meryton after a snow storm, Elizabeth struggles to keep her sisters in line lest their hearts be lost.

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At Last

The 1814 Frost Fair brings our disheartened lovers together.

Frost Fair
Painting by Luke Clenell {{PD-US-exp}}

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